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Juliet Capulet
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Example of Challenge : http://bit.ly/vxijaZ
What makes a good challenge: http://bit.ly/tXWCJD
How to make a challenge in 10 steps: http://bit.ly/t5K20Q

3. Third, what is a learning challenge? lets recap

4.Write your challenge idea here using these 3 steps :

1.Write an overview: (what is the goal, what will learners be doing during this challenge?how are they doing it together?)

2.Break it down to tasks: (what will the learners do first, second, etc to reach their goal?)

3.Add badges: (what hard and soft skills do the learners get out of the challenge?) 


Challenge School of Social Innovation- Alan 
Title: Design Thinking

the Meta Challenge is : Create a solution for a problem in your community

#1 Challenge Field Work

Overview:  In this challenge you will learn how to conduct field work in order to understand a problem in your local education system better, the first step to solving problems.  You will have to work with partners to plan and conduct interviews of teachers in your community. 

1. Form teams
2. Find a highschool teacher in your community 
3. Preparing for an Interview - put yourself in a beginner's minset
4. Conduct interviews of at least 3 teachers

1. "Deep Listening" badge (skill) - you learned how to interview members of your community to hear their story
2. "Punxatawny Phil" badge (peer awarded) - way to go for leaving your comfort zone
3. "Surprising Discovery" badge (peer awarded) - way to go for discovering something that surprised one of your peers
4. "Helpful Feedback"

#2 Challenge: Synthesize

1. Saturate and Group Exercise
2. Empathy Map Exercise
3. Work together with one other peer to edit both your interviews 
4. Create a blog post, video, etc.

#3 Challenge Brainstorming


1. Form teams
2. Pick two words from (random word generator - action+artifact)
Challenge for Interactive Narrative using Popcorn.js, Laura                                 
Title: re-imagining the story – the user controls the story natively.  Each challenge introduces a new interactive element that popcorn allows for.

You pick your team and have to find the best picture of the Capulet's house vs the Montague house. 
Map where the house is, geolocative.
Peer voting

METACHALLENGE: Hack Romeo and Juliet
1. Idea
2. Storyboard
3. Shotlist
4. Film
Target Audience has basic web skills

Web native storytelling: How do you reimagine storytelling to make a web native film? Using Popcorn Maker and various open technologies, we will explore Web Native Filmmaking and what that means or could mean.  

Challenge 1: Storyboarding a Web Native Version of Romeo and Juliet (1 hour)
Find some people to work with! Collaborative development is the most rewarding ;)  
Find a video clip to serve as the backbone to your production. Where does your film start?
Pledge your house (Capulets? or Montagues?)          
Collect text and images to begin your retelling.
Plan the sequence. The content you've collected works together to tell a story - How will that story unfold? Hash out the storyboard of your retelling, using your initial clip as reference. How will the user recognize that your  piece is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet?
With your group use Etherpad to Storyboard your piece.
BADGE: Web Native Storyboarding, Online Collaboration, Search Pro

Challenge 2: Understanding how Popcorn works (Bringing content onto the Timeline)
import your backbone clip into Popcorn Maker.
import a google map of Verona
Use text to indicate one of the members of your house (Mercutio or Tibble, Romeo or Juliet?)
Bring photos into the clip using popcorn maker. -- (change image url in popcorn)
Find and remix images to tell the story from the POV of the house you picked in the first challenge (Capulet's or Montague's).
Be mean to the opposing family, you know in a funny way. Insult the opposing team's house (peer voting) or find forbidden secret love on the other team. If someone else's comment makes you laugh, let them know!
BADGE: popcorn basic, sense of humor, dating badge

Challenge 3: Keep hacking the story
Find the historical story that causes the Capulet/Montague feud on Wikipedia
Import the Wikipedia article into your story

Challenge 4: Customize CSS and HTML (work in Webcraft 101 challenges?)
export the code from Popcorn Maker and bring it into a Text Editor
open the html page with a browser
Use Hackasaurus (or Firebug?) to understand the page structure
Use absolute and relative CSS positioning to create a cohesive whole.
Use a webfont to style the text you used in Challenge 2.
BADGE: html basic + css basic