This is a list of potential challenges for the School of Open ( ) at

Use as a guide.


Understand use and reuse of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licensed content
Introduction to concept of openness

How to open license on Flickr

How to choose a license /use the CC choose-a-license tool

Something on metadata

How to contribute to Wikipedia

*not sure how this will be structured yet, but the Open.Michigan team plans to convert its dScribe process/training to challenges on P2PU* (

license your website

find and use an openly licensed image

share your own images under an open license

remix a video

share a licensed presentation on SlideShare

open data group?


"open" vs. "free of charge" (closed)

Public Domain Detective

How to Effectively use a Wiki

Context of Open

Concept of the "Commons"

Open Detective


Copyright / Open Licensing for Educators


What topics / audiences do we initially focus on?

List of topics / audiences 


Lawyers / Legal practitioners

Galleries Libraries Archives and Museums (GLAM)


Open Data Wranglers

Open Business Models

Notes from CC Global Summit:
School of Open/CC/IP

Topics people are interested in?
* other courses - how do you become an affiliate
* CC experts via badges
** badge vetted from international community?
** CC affiliates running courses?

Training needs?
* offline and online resources created as OER while teaching OER, ie.
handouts/one pagers (in the past: letter to the ministry of the
education, flowcharts)
* local adaptation
* offline meetings around online courses
* presentations
* using CC as a tool to get them into open culture and more
comfortable with internet/technology use in classes
* teacher training (Estonia) on how to use open resources (so
angle/market to how teachers can improve resources for classroom)
** ie. how do i access free resources for my teaching? how do i
improve what I'm doing? etc.
** advantages teachers get from using OER
** incentives for such a course
* how to encourage universities, ie. faculty from universities in
Korea - no resources to even teach about CC
** educating university authorities (top-down)
** maybe better to target students directly
** find examples of the best teachers
** benefits for reputation of school
* crowd source some resources
* OKF - open data manual, data journalism, open science, open gov,
targeting educators
* case studies - stories of how people's lives are being changed by CC