School of Open Pop-up Office in Berlin 
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School of Open month-long workshop as part of the P2PU pop-up office. Jane and key P2PU community members (Philipp, Piet, Molly) will  start mapping and developing some key components of the School. First  thing is to lay a road and skills map for School of Open, and seed the School with a few core resources and courses. Piet is interested in  intersection of Open.Michigan and UMich specific courses/competencies.  Molly is interested in how academics can employ open tools and the  overlapping open data challenges we started together at School of Data  kick-off. Jane will work in CC tool specific courses/challenges directed  to K-12 and public at large. Philipp to provide overarching strategic  and implementation support. 

In addition, we will work with the Mozilla and open source communities on the effective design of courses/challenges as part of  Mozilla's Summer of Code. A School of Open evening hack event will  be held Thur, 26 July in Berlin that is open to the public, with  definite participation by P2PU community (the rest of the group ~15),  Mozilla (Chloe Varelidi and Michelle Thorne), and potential  participation by local Wikimedia, open source communities, CC Germany,  CC Poland. A more general event around P2PU challenges (targeted at K-12)  will be held the following Saturday, 28 July, where School of Open  challenges developed previous will be tested and there will be an option  for interested parents to develop new ones.

Jane will also be working remotely for CC generally, per usual.



Agenda & Notes

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Topics to cover over 10 days (reflected in Agenda)