Day 1 - Monday


Setting individual and group goals for 10 days
Where are we each coming from?

Where to start:

Skills Map - proto version!

Day 2 - Tuesday

Day 3 - Wednesday

Day 4 - Thursday

Day 5 - Friday

Thing we need to make: A page that shows people how to find and identify (c) and CC info on a website or resource. 
= Thinking behind the course =
I want to help a teacher share/use resources in the classroom. 
So I need to help her find, assemble, adapt, and present these resources.

Constraints to sharing/using resources:

Overarching question: How can we help her FIND better?

Hypothesis: A course is a package of learning activities aimed at a particular action the user is already familiar with. 

1) Learn the concept that free shit is all over the web
+ access and Pearson vs. CNX book
+ dirth of materials
2) Understand the limits of formats (digital)
+ convert a youtube video to mp4
+ try to make edits, comments on a PDF, google doc vs. etherpad
+ try accesing content using a variety of tools
3) know the right tool fo rthe non-web environment
+ download a youtube video
4) fast searching strategies
+using google vs. oer commons to find free, editable, k-8 science materials
+compare cc by license to TOU page to figure out what uses you can make
+use a community list to find content (google group, facebook, merlot, twitter)
++add hastags
++compare responses and who is helpful
5) know your rights
+compare/remix content with different licenses

Working on Teach Someone Something as part of larger open content course:

Day 6 - Monday

Molly: What we're creating (first course) is useful for an academic audience. Working with Open.Michigan so priority is resources around CC. Open Access could be a topic during digital sprint tomorrow, but otherwise secondary priority.
Piet: Ditto - useful for Michigan audience. Want to work on courses that can be directly used by Open.Michigan team in lieu of their current training. (Open.Michigan has quick and dirty guidelines.) Idea is to send people to School of Open to get badges and come back to Open.Michigan.

Day 7 - Tuesday

Day 8 - Wednesday

Day 9 - Thursday

Molly is not worried. Make sure we know what we're doing when we leave.
Piet's worries: 
Molly: Life will get in way. 

Day 10 - Friday DAY OFF