24 January - P2PU Community Call
A longer discussion, in which research may be presented, guests talk to us, Schools give us updates, special prjects are discussed. All are welcome, documentation will be shared, as well as any readings/videos/links distributed before and after the call. 

We will be using Google hangout for this call, at this address: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7fb568f2c309f1c9a64a7551a2987a5a8cd0db51
We'll also be trying out the new Google Hangouts Caption App




=== [Dirk] Some stats (in the form of pictures :) ===

=== [Philipp] Grant (Grunt) Funding for Non Profits (and P2PU in particular)  ===

Rough outline:

Each Funder is different
* Process of getting funding (how complicated, how long does it take?)
* How involved they like to be in projects
* Reporting requirements vary
* Flexibility of project goals

Examples - Funders (not all P2PU)
* Hewlett Foundation
* Shuttleworth Foundation
* NFS - National Science Foundation
* MacArthur

It's a dance
* Follow - Understand where the funder comes from and where they are going
* Lead - Communicate your plans and goals and interests
* Enjoy yourself / Don't force it

Grant funding vs. customer revenue
* You are still selling something to someone
* Your ability to communicate ideas in ways that make sense to funders

* Delays between idea, proposal, project
* Funders <> users (<> beneficiaries)
* Reporting takes time and energy (and nobody likes it)
* Grant funding is relatively inflexible
* There is a need to evolve to attract new funding (funders like new things)

How to get funding:
* Invest in relationships with your funders
* Test ideas early on in conversation (first with friends) 
* Get good at describing your idea
* Only write a full proposal if you have a high chance of success

Mick: Can be a lot of work to make contact to the funders to build those relationships, It's nice to have introductions from partners in the similar areas. This is working quite well for us with a new network video 4 change - v4c.org

Mick asked:Is it easier to get funding for new innovative ideas? rather than Content for existing platforms?
P: Everyone wants to fund new things. Content funding is particularly difficult.

=== [Mick] School of Free Software 2 pager from FLOSS Manuals  - http://www.clearerchannel.org/share/school_of_free_software2.odt ===