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About Badges

All About Learning Projects.
At P2PU, learning happens by taking on a new project--like 3D printing (, or writing a song, or telling a story ( As a learner, you'd set your sights on a new project you'd want to undertake. From there, you'd share it here to get some useful feedback (hmmmmm, tasty feedback!). We created this space for you to share your Project, and designed certain features to help you improve it. Read on to find out how.

How Badges Work.
We based our system on the 4 following design principles: iteration, feedback, improvement and mentorship. Here is how those principles play out:

Why Should I Make a Badge or Submit a Project?
Because you're curious. Because you have a side project, hobby, or interest that you'd like to get better at. Because you want to take part in an experiment in the future of learning. Because you want to meet some smart people who are interested in the same things you are. Or, because Girl Scouts never let you make your own spiffy Badge. The reasons why are endless :)

In all seriousness, the skills we need evolve fast and furiously. At P2PU, we believe learning is guided by passion, projects and people. We've created a space to connect those arenas and help learners grow. So, Badges represent learning you can feel good about.

A Project in Process
This is P2PU's third iteration of Badges since 2010, and we're quite proud of it. But we plan on making many incremental improvements in the coming months. If you have feature requests or ideas, please send them over to P2PU's Learning Lead, Vanessa Gennarelli, at

Now let's get started. Create a Badge or Submit a Project. 

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