"a course led by a machine" - this should be clearly laid out on the front page

goals for mooc character:

Character Ideas
Evil force--trying to sabotage
style of opposites? ( now, when you start writing python, definitely do not care about whitespace )
"Hello, I am The MooC. Welcome to my sure to not communicate with your fellow learners, if someone learns more slowly, pointing and laughing will make you feel great"
Evil MOOC--nice supportive MOOC
good mooc bad mooc
Marvin the Paranoid android, dry humor (ala hitchhikers guide to the galaxy)
I just keep thinking about cows. "MOOc". Medusa cows with many heads? 

How to put people together in groups? / How should we group people? 

- geography 
- language
- time of signup (starting together)
- by diversity of skill level

Problem: Forgot to send from my @p2pu address, and got a bounceback: Bad destination address - bekka
Niels didnt get an email - he signed up after the group was created
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