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Title: Open Governance

Tagline: How do open organizations and communties govern themselves? How could their practices and processes applied to your organization / community / work?

Who is the audience?

What is the goal?

Target Timeline

Guest speakers

To participate

How the course works:

Weekly Ask:


Additional resources (don't know where it fits in below): 


Week 1 - Introduction & Examples

Week 2 - Transparency 

Week 3 - Making decisions openly and Getting stuff done

Week 4 - The role of leadership in an open community

Week 5 - Values and norms

Week 6 - Wrap-up

4 open practices
  1. use and build on
  2. facilitate sharing
  3. enable reuse and adaptation
  4. support transparency


3 types of resources

1) use and build on

2) facilitate sharing 

3) enable reuse and adaptation

4) support transparency

Some additional topic suggestions:

Culture - shared values and practices
Community - sense of belonging
Leadership - direction

Making mistakes - fail fast and open, rinse, and try again