"open" badges brainstorm from Open.Michigan: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjJzb_WsEGL9dE9ld3pwUXFMOEdCV0Y3akxiYVVBX0E#gid=0


web literacies by Doug Belshaw https://etherpad.mozilla.org/webliteracies03

Meta Skills

(content, tools, practices)
-Media Remixer: I made a song, photo, video or a story that remixes openly licensed or public domain content
- Open detective: I know how to find open content of all kinds 
- OER Buddha: I know how to search for OER materials
-Attributor: I know how to attribute licensed content
-Music finder : I know how to find openly licensed music
-Video finder : I know how to find openly licensed video
-Photo finder, sharer/publisher
-I know how to recognize openly licensed content in the wild
-I know about metadata
-I built on public domain
- Master of the public domain: I can find public domain resources 
- Curator of open content

Creating/Sharing (Building/Authoring)
(content, tools, practices)
-Open filmmaker - I added a cc licensed video in You tube
-Open photographer -  I added a cc licensed photo in Flickr
-Open Musician - I added a cc licenced song
-Super Blogger - 
- Data actuator - I share my research data in open formats with an open license
- I know how to choose the right CC license for my project
-I know how to make my web page/blog CC license machine-readable 

(content, tools, practices)
I collaborated on an open project
I contributed to an open project
I documented my processes so other people could follow them
I retweeted an open project tweet
I used an open social networking tool, eg. Identi.ca vs. Twitter
I gave people avenues to participate in... and to give feedback. I made it clear how the feedback would be incorporated.
I let people help me dress (Go Try It On)

(content, tools, practices)
- I taught someone how to use CC
- I convinced my organization to adopt CC licenses
-Licenseur: a connoisseur of licenses, aka (open) licensing expert
- I know how to research OER materials
- 1I create OER materials
- I practice what I preach
-I blog about openess
- I continually expand my understanding of theories of openness

-(Open) Creator
- I convinced someone to use a CC license.

I met a contributor to an open project I participate in in real life. (Laura and Molly just earned a badge)

Exploring  - The cognitive and affective abilities needed to navigate and  understand the community, culture and digital life. The World Wide Web  offers and provides opportunity to use various digital spaces to learn  about, question and evaluate human perceptions and actions.
Authoring  - Being expressive, creative and constructive on the World Wide Web  while articulating individual thoughts in the global, digital exchange  of methods and resources and respecting the creative work of others.
Connecting  – Communicating about and networking in digital life while  participating in a respectful manner. Recognizing and adhering to the  ethics of online communities.
Building  - Confdently and creatively attempting to solve technical and social  problems through incremental and iterative approaches. Using the ability  to think on multiple levels of abstraction and modularization to  develop material.
Protecting  - Safely and securely participating in self-expression and civic duties  in the Information Age. Understanding that the protection of the World  Wide Web as a free and open public resource is a civic responsibility  and the affective ability to claim solidarity for protective actions.

__________________________________ Skills mapped to courses _______________________________________

Few Steps to a Strong Course & Robust Assessment
Step 1: Identify Skills that you want people to know.
Step 2: Develop activities that would show mastery of those skills.
Step 3: Draft assessment that's in line with the skills you've identified.

Perhaps a useful guide: https://p2pu.org/en/groups/make-a-course/content/bonus-task-playstorm/

Types of Badges
Skill badges--https://p2pu.org/en/groups/writing-for-the-web/content/find-your-web-voice/
Community badges
Stealth badges

Course 1: Get CC Savvy (since revised)
I've outlined the skills associated with each Task (as I can recognize them).
I might tweak the course to make 1 task choosing a license and 1 task attributing someone else, with a project for each one (see Task 3).
I like the reflection in the last skill, but I might ask for evidence of the conversation: screenshot, drawing, email, etc. +1

Task 1 Skills: 
Task 2 Skills: 
Task 3 Skills: 
Task 4 Skills:

These don't make sense, but I like them:

Find the Perfect Photo (draft)
Task 1 Skills:
Task 2 Skills:
Task 3 Skills:
Task 4 Skills:
Add Task 5 Skill: (proposed new task)

Again, these don't make sense, but I like them: