Survey questions for first course cycle (March - May 2013)

Facilitated courses include:

Reference for what makes a P2PU course a School of Open course:

Goals for the survey: 



Sara FB (Wikipedia class)

= List of questions (draft 2) =

  1. Country
  2. Role
  3. [ ] Educator (primary-secondary/K-12)
  4. [ ] Educator (post-secondary)
  5. [ ] Librarian or resource staff
  6. [ ] Instructional designer
  7. [ ] Student
  8. [ ] Other, please specify:
4.  Which course did you take? (If you took multiple, select only one and answer the survey for that specific course. You may take the survey again for additional courses.) 

= List of questions (draft 1) =

About the participant (demographics)
  1. Country
  2. Are you an educator? [I'd scrap this, unless you have a specific question related to profession, in which case I'd give options that let you test it]
    1. If so, who and what do you teach?
    2. If not, what do you do for a living?
  3. Level of 'conventional' education
    1. Completed high-school
    2. Completed some level of higher-education

4. Which course did you take? (If you took multiple, select only one and answer the survey for that specific course. You can add addiitonal comments at the end). 
5. What was your reason for participating in this course?

Specific to "open"
  1. How well would you say you understood _(insert topic specific to course, eg. copyright or CC)_ before taking this course? 
    1. Likert scale
    2. If yes, explain what they are in your own words. [this seems like a "test" - I'd not want to answer this. why are we asking this question?]
  2. How well do you understand _(insert topic specific to course, eg. copyright or CC)_ now that you have taken the course?
    1. [should this be a likert scale/self-rating (1-10)?]
  3. Rate your understanding of "open"
    1. Likert
  4. What did you like best about the course? week or topic did you find the most interesting/learn the most? [I like asking about things people are excited about, but this will be very different from course to course. Hard to analyze the responses.]
  5. What did you like least about the course? 
  6. What questions do you still have?

Course organization and facilitation
PS: I'd do this section as one red/yellow/green (and take away some of the details questions). A lot of these questions are really hard to answer and you'll get fuzzy data.
  1. Was the course well organized? (Yes; No; Yes, but ___) The coursework that I needed to complete for each week was easy to locate and clearly described. (’1? not at all easy and ’5? very easy to find).
  2. The projects and/or assignments were aligned with the learning objectives described for the course. (Likert  scale)
  3. Was the course well paced? (Yes; No; Yes, but ___)  I  spent the following number of hours on average each week on  the course  activities, including reading, working on assignments,  watching  lectures and taking exams/quizzes. (range of hours i.e. 10 to  12, etc. –  4 options)
  4. The virtual meetups and/or video recordings were effective in communicating the course concepts and content. (’1? not at all effective and ’5? very effective) - also number for n/a
  5. The course organizer’s involvement in the course through class  discussion forums, individual communication or professor news board  posts was… (Likert scale)
  6. The organizer provided meaningful and timely feedback on assignments.
  7. Do you feel like you learned from your peers? (Yes/No) I interacted with my peers (1 not at all 5 frequently)
    1. If not, how do you suggest this could be improved?
  8. Did you join a synchronous webinar/hangout? Why or why not.. 
  9. What communicational tool(s) did you find most useful in this course? 

  1. What did you expect to get out of or learn coming into the course? 
  2. Would you say you expectations were (met; exceeded; not met; met, but ___) - I learned what I came for (1 no 3 yes 5 I learned more than I ever imagined!)
  3. Would you recommend this course to others? (Yes/No)
    1. If not, why?
  4. What other courses would you like to see as part of School of Open? [PS: I like this]
    1. Are you interested in creating this course, or co-creating it with others?
  5. Did you finish the course? 
    1. If yes, what made you stick with the course?
    2. If no, what prevented you from finishing?
  6. Do you have any other feedback? If you would like to pat your facilitator on the back, leave a thank you note here.