Non-Tech Project Ideas


Marketing / Communication

Tech /Development Project Ideas

Notes from Zuzel:
* Added a 'ultra high'/'high' priority labels to parts of the dev projects I consider really important to address
* For working on most of the projects it is important to have basic knowledge about python, django, html, css, jquery. Some projects are most on the backend side (need stronger python/django skills), others more on the front end side (need stronger html/css/jquery skills), and others are in between. In some of projects knowledge about specific topics will be hightly useful, includying: rest apis, mobile browsers, websites performance, virtualenvs, markup languages, wysiwyg editors, automated testing, gettext localization, html5 video encodying, information retrieval, recommendation systems, smtp, xmpp. This also means that dependying on which project you work on you will gain expertise on different things.


Mobile Friendly

Reduce Page Loads

Development Tools

Localization / Internationalization

P2PU Mentorship

WYSIWYG Text Editor

Social Integration


Real Time Chat

Improve Performance

Reduce Spam

P2PU Radar


Search & Discovery

Badges Creation

Remix & Reuse

Design: DT/UX/UI (João)

Priority based listing of all these development ideas 
(Zuzel originally prioritised all these ideas)

Visionaries, please try to describe your vision for one of the following features