This version of the course outline is for making quick edits and changes.  The actual course description is at -- I will attempt to keep the two versions synced in some reasonable fashion - Joe

The plan for this course is to work together, using various free learning tools, to create a repository of solved problems in Calculus 1.

The plan for the course is based on the outline at -- see this link for some more details, but note that we will certainly not be restricting ourselves to this resource!

The high-level outline for the course is:

We will meet for live conversations one or two times per week (frequency and exact schedule to be decided by course participants).

Sign up task:

We will be using LaTeX to write problems and solutions, so the assignment is to write out a couple of interesting problems and solutions from pre-calculus in LaTeX.  You can post them directly to the course facilitator at  If you want  help with LaTeX please post in!