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Context / Background

--> We're attacking from two angles: Content and Form

Content: Web Making 101 - Build and Launch Your First Web Portfolio

The best way to learn is by doing, and as an aspiring web developer you're going to need a portfolio. In Web Making 101 participants are guided through a series of challenges, building important technical skills, learning the trades of being a web maker -- while leading up to the launch of their first web portfolio. (See more detail on this at the end)

Form: Clear ask and offer, social baked in

What's a challenge?

A good challenge...
1. teaches a relevant skill.
2. has a clear completion point.
3. is interesting / creative / fun to do.
4. results in some kind of output.

The output of a good challenge...
1. is different for each person who completes the challenge.
2. is worth showing to others.
3. is not embarrassing.
4. is interesting when collected with the output of others who completed the challenge.

We're authoring a set of challenges to guide participants through creating 5 to 10 portfolio pieces and then launching the portfolio. Wherever possible, we're linking out to third party resources for documentation and theory, but tying everything together into one coherent package. The challenge based nature will lower the barrier to entry -- participants can do just one challenge or all of them at their own pace.